Revolutionary greetings,
(For immediate release)

The ZCC is an oldest African Independent church in the continent, we respect what it stands for and will never betray that. ZCC has been under attack from its inception from the Union of South Africa, because of its principles and character the Church became a target also of the National Party apartheid media propaganda and exclusion, that is why it took the Church several years for it to be formally registered/recognised as a Church by the Apartheid authorities. It cannot now be that the Church becomes a victim in the new dispensation where Africans have a right to dignity, religion and their cultures to be respected.. The church have survived many serious attacks from the early 20th century in its inception until to date, we view the current attacks as nothing but a continuation of a program to vilify all institutions which have African leadership on their realm, we are confident that it will survive this. We urge the media to give the church some privacy because ZCC is different from this charismatic churches driven by fame and capital.

The PAC is concerned with the elevated unwarranted attacks on Africa’s largest church, Zion Christian Church (ZCC). We are calling for Tiso Blackstar media group to personally go to Moria and privately offer apology, this is to avoid dragging the church into unnecessary limelight which the church do not advocate for.

The PAC understands and respect the church for the role it has played as part of the broader liberation movement and of course we have members who are part of the church. We respect the principles and ideals of the church, and our request is that some media groupings should stop drawing the church into dirty political games.

We are strongly condemning political formations such as the populist BLF who are making a feast out of this quagmire. The church does not need anyone’s advise or counsel especially from opportunists but in return it is those opportunists who needs the guidance of the church.

Statement released on behalf of PAC by

Narius Moloto

PAC Secretary-General

082 9245 945

011 3313 414



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