Politically We stand for the government of the Africans, for the Africans, by the Africans, with anybody else who owes his loyalty only to Africa and accepts the democratic rule of an African majority, being regarded as an African. We guarantee no minority rights because we are fighting precisely that group exclusiveness which those who plead for minority rights would like to perpetuate.

Economic We stand for a planned economy and the most equitable distribution of wealth. Sobukwe reiterated that “the slogan of equal opportunities is meaningless if it does not take equality of incomes and wealth as its springboard from which all will take off.”

Socially We stand for the full and complete development of the human personality with the active creation of conditions that will encourage the rapid disintegration of group exclusiveness and the emergence of United African Nations devoted to the tremendous task of developing the country and creating a distinctive African culture.

Philosophical Of course, we who are Pan Africanist in outlook, do not subscribe to the doctrine of Azania exceptionalism and are committed to Pan Africanism and a union of African states which we would like to see as a unitary, centrally controlled organic whole.