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Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) have lost its co-founder, one of the few old martyrs that the party is left with. The death of the old Simon Thabo Skhosana has not only hurt the community of Soweto but the entire country. Its a personal pain to the PAC members because we have not only lost a gallant fighter but a true comrade who walked us through every path of the liberation movement.

1944 was a “political year” in the whole world where we witnessed the formation of the League of Nation which is the forerunner of the United Nations (UN), we also encountered the birth of the radical & militant Congress Youth League (CYL), that was not all as we also saw the birth of a young Thabo Simon Skhosana in the same year of 1944 – May – 16th.

The veteran Skhosana was born at Dukathole which is situated near Germiston in the East Rand of Johannesburg. His parents moved to Moroka Jabavu where he started his foundation education at Isaacson. He then graduated from Primary phase to Musi High School.

His political consciousness was awakened during his times at Musi High School where the material conditions of an African child forced him to jooinj nthe struggle in a bid to improve livelihoods of his people. He joined the PAC in 1960 shortly after it was formed in historical Orlando Communal Hall in 1959 April 06th where Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was unanimously elected as the first/founding President of the PAC.

He was forced to go to exile in 1963, the year which the PAC declared a freedom year, as a senior member of Poqo which is the forerunner of APLA (Azanian Liberation Liberation Movement).

There are many of his stories which are told by his compatriots, he is said to have been in passion with bombs and everything which exploded. He trained many of our cadres whom some of them are still alive and serves either as public servants or in private sector. This stalwart was with Baba Thami Mazwai, Phillip Dlamini, David Ratladi, Hlangi Vundla and many others.

What always amazed the PAc was that Cde Thabo Skhosana was not partisan and therefore worked well with other compatriots from other liberation organisation in a bid for a mutual goal which was to free the Azanian masses. He is one person who have recruited Tokyo Sexwale into the liberation struggle and he cared less if one joined the PAC or ANC because we all had uniform goal which was to overthrow the illegal racist government under guardianship of the National Party (NP).

He have served the PAC in different positions during and after the liberation movement. He never ceased to surprised us in various ways. He has recently been serving as APLAMVA Johannesburg REC (Regional Executive Committee) member. We have been witnessing many of our marginalised heroes been granted improved housing and other essential/fundamental services.

He was not only concerned about our heroes/heroines who have been marginalised and neglected but he has been in the forefront of a campaign to repatriate our soldiers who have been buried outside Occupied Azania (SA). He was never mum about the fact that our soldiers left kids in the countries where they were based and as such it propelled the PAC to pressurise the Department of Millitary Veterans to do more than what they were doing. We are greatful to have witnessed the “Gallows programme” under stewardship of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development which aided that our heroes be given dignified send-off contrary to the paupers funerals which were given by the enemy agent.

This stalwart married a beautiful Caroline Lesolang in his youthful years. They never had a biological child but they adopted a 3 month baby who was going to be their only daughter. This beautiful daughter was a niece of Cde Thabo, she was adopted immediately after her parents were involved in a famous Langlaagte Train Disaster.

Cde Thabo Skhosana is leaving behind his two brothers and one sister. He will be dearly missed by his beautiful wife, Mama Caroline.

Cde Thabo was not only a freedom fighter or a politician but he was a community activist until his dying days. He is one of the first people in Soweto to run a restaurant in the early 1994, those restaurant were referred back then as qandos.

This veteran was not really attractive to diseases but an active person. He never allowed a pain to defeat him but he always dominated any threat to his health. He refused to be scanned by health officers hence we cannot tell of his exact cause of death.

For the past 12 months, Cde Thabo have been on and off hospitals, his health have been deteriorating, to make matters worse, he was also fragile as he was aging. He passed on last weekend at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Cde Thabo Skhosana was defiant to foreign-version of Jesus Christ hence he never went to church in his life. He refused to be told about a messiah from foreign nations as if Africa never was religious before the arrival of the land possessors. He will be cremated and buried at Slovo Cemetery in Soweto, South of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

The funeral will be on Friday, 26th January 2018. The service will be held at Rock Pray Centre (RPC) at Rockville, Soweto at 08h00 am.

Rest in Peace Son of the Soil.


Kenneth Mokgatlhe
PAC Spokesperson
061 8173 781
011 3313 414

Mr Lawrence Skhosana
(Family Spokesman)
082 533 4963


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