The PAC is sending its heartfelt condolences to the family of 18 South Africans who lost their lives during the crash between a truck and PRASA train. We find it very difficult to come to terms with this sad reality, its a very unimaginable massacre. We are also wishing the survivors a speedy recovery though this will take many days to accept.

We would like to say to victims families that our prayers and thoughts will always be with them. It is painful to know that we have lost so many souls in the beginning of what we hoped would be a great year, the beginning of 2018 was a sad verse. May their soul rest in peace. We urge PRASA to look after everything and ensure that counselling is conducted to survivors and proper corrective measures are taken.

PAC wishes everyone a prosperous 2018.

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) wishes every South African a prosperous and successful year of 2018. We have re-energized ourselves to the revolutionary cause and will continue fighting for our land to be returned to its rightful owners to be able to achieve the economic emancipation in our lifetime.

We all concur that 2018 was a difficult year to many of us, we all believe that things have to shape up in order to change our fortunes. Many of our masses our kept deliberately outside of the mainstream economy, we have increasing army of unemployed youth, majority of African people are landless, we live in unsafe communities, our living conditions decline and deteriorates daily.

PAC and PASMA on Walk-Ins policies by institutions of higher learning & training.

Our beloved revolutionary student wing, PASMA, have made its stance very clear. We have many institutions of higher learning which implement the process of “gate-keeping” to keep many of African youth outside the gates of institutions of higher learning and training. It would seem that the authorities enjoy to see our youth drinking and smoking their dreams as they have been denied their fundamental freedom, education.

It is only natural that every young person should further their studies and that is the responsibility of the government from creche until cradle. Our founding-father, Robert Sobukwe, opined that education to us means service to Africa, that meant that education is a national responsibility and beneit the entire nation and not only the educated.

As the PAC, we are obviously happy that PASMA working with others student formation have been able to free education from capital, that is to de-commercialise education, the other mammoth task is to widen the question of access. We are not going to agree to a “gate-keeping” process of those who think that certain people should not access education gates.

PASMA is working tirelessly with students at every branch/campus to ensure that every learner who qualifies to be a student is given a student number, a room and all equipment that the students should be furnished with. All this Universities, FETs, TVETs and colleges belongs to South Africans and not group of people who have an impression that they have powers to tell us what to do. Learners who qualifies should not worry but go to their nearest or preferred institution of higher learning and training to pursue their study for free.

PAC denounces the shootings during funeral of its stalwart, Cde Ike Makiti.

Our festive season was not so happy as we lost our stalwart, Cde Ike Makiti, from Sharpeville in the South of Johannesburg. Many remembers Makiti for furnishing an oral accounts of bloody history of 1960 March 21st which came to be known to as Sharpeville/Langa in which we lost scores of our committed members, that was a historic day which sharpened global politics.

PAC witnessed indiscipline by some individuals wearing our regalia, shooting pistols during the burial of Cde Makiti. We received complaints on the spot from the family as well as the funeral parlour. The PAC national leadership have tasked local leaders to apologize sincerely to the family of Makiti as well as the funeral parlour. We denounce the hooliganism and disassociate the PAC from such unbecoming conduct.

The PAC resolved during its 1993 Umthata Conference that it was suspending its armed struggle and to our knowledge that has not changed. We do not expect our members to harass our communities with pistols claiming to have been trained by APLA or PAC, our members are highly disciplined and their behavior can be noticed in a distance. We are warning thugs who are using the name of the PAC and we hope that this will never happen again.

We would like to state it categorically clear that we stand by the resolution of 1993 in which we suspended our armed struggle until PAC upper structure which is the Conference decide otherwise. We distance ourselves and brand from thuggish behavior, we condemn all those masquerading as military personnel to desist from that conduct especially in our colours. The PAC have concede to b a part of 1994 government where we integrated and our human resource was placed in various strategic areas.

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