It is with greatest sadness and shock to announce the death of M’Afrika Rasta Mossiah who was shot by two heavily armed men during the weekend. He was murdered after addressing Khayelitsha residents on land issues.

The vanguard PAC, on behalf of its membership, transcends its deepest and sincere condolences to the family, comrades and friends of Rasta Mossiah Zulu. He was a courageous leader who led from the ground and not lavish offices.

We are disturbed as the PAC to see outspoken and vocal activists in communities being targeted for fighting for the return of land. We have seen the same prevailing in one village in the Eastern Cape where a leader was brutally murdered for opposing some company to mine their land. This should stop, and it must stop now!!!

We are not going to be silenced and threatened but this will serve as a courageous move to keep us going. We are not going to stop the war to return back the land because many lives have already been taken away, we know that we are near the finish line. We will continue the fight for land.

We can only say that Rasta’s work is evident and practical unlike reactionaries who are getting paid for nothing in parliament while our people are looked after by the likes of M’Afrika Rasta. Lala Ngoxolo Son of the Soil.

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