The PAC wishes comrade Emmerson Mnangwa, Deputy President of Zimbabwe and top leader of ZANU-PF, a speedy recovery from a sudden ailment that occurred last weekend when he was doing his patriotic duties.

We in the PAC have had a long-standing relationship with Cde Mnangwa and the people of Zimbabwe and regard the struggle for peace and stability, prosperity and development in the SADC (Southern African development Community) region as an integral part of the whole.

The whole is a United Africa. Leaders of the calibre of Cde Mnangwa are tried and tested, and have been in the trenches with us . Get well soon, Son of the Soil.

Statement released on behalf of PAC,




    • Morongwa

      I was lucky to have been mentored by this great mo afrika .Sepela botse tlou letebele .

    • Lulekile Magqazolo

      May his soul rest in peace. history can never be complete without apreciating his galant contribution.


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