Whereas, Azania /South Africa, has suffered centuries of colonial conquest and plunder perpetuated by the direct British colonialists, and thus paving way for settler colonialism called apartheid, and later on the current neo-colonialism

Whereas, in robbing the African people of their land and in overcoming their resistance, forts had to be built as bastions of white supremacy, and badges of humilation to the A;frican people, and Captain Hare was an agent of that brutality and his Fort Hare was the outcome.

Whereas, a university built on the ruins of Fort Hare, which became a symbol of African resistance, and produced great leaders who worked to remove the yoke of oppression from their people’s necks, still embraced the colonial name, Fort hare.

Whereas, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe who was the institution’s SRC President for the years 1948- 1949, graduated from the institution and became known worldwide as a symbol of African Resistance, a great thinker, a revolutionary and an Africanist.

Whereas, Mangaliso Sobukwe was the only person in the land who was kept in Robben island through the passing of a special law, specifically meant for him, which determined that the continuation of his incarceration must be annually decided through a vote of the apartheid parliament.

Whereas, Sobukwe declared in his 1949 address as the SRC President, that, Fort Hare ” must be a barometer of African thought”.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, which Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe led as its founding President, therefore, demands that:-

  1. The name of the University of Fort Hare must be changed as it continues to glorify the genocide and plunder of colonialism carried out against the African people.
  2. The University must be called Mangaliso Sobukwe University as recognition of the contribution played by this great son of the soil in the liberation of this country and the entire African
  3. The University must embrace and lead the call for decolonisation of education, and for Higher Education
  4. The University must reflect the values embodied by Mangaliso Sobukwe when he said ” True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character, courage and fearlessness,

and above all, a consuming love for one’s people.”

We give the University a period of 30 Calendar days to positively respond to these demands.

We are determined to ensure that these just demands are met, and any failure by the University to accede, will be met with continued escalation of our actions until victory is attained.

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    • Simthembile Momoza

      this is a noble call. it’s long overdue.

      victory is certain

      izwe lethu!!


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