Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) and its component structures will embark on a Commemoration March which will be aimed at paying a homage, honouring and immortalising a prolific organic African intellectual.

The great clan of the Great Shoba is involved in the preparation of the entire event, the Great Shoba clan is one of the massive clans in the country with a very large membership of the family, they will come with more than 5 buses to pay respect to one of their own.

Details of the event are as thus;

March will commence from : Brooklyn Mall Square

March will proceed to            : Church Street through Jan Shoba Street

Starting Time                            : 10h00

Despising Time                         : 15h00

Date                                              : 29 – October – 2017

Brief background of Cde Jan Shoba –

It is very necessary to first mention that indeed he was truly a member of the PAC and he remained a disciplined member of the party to the core.

Cde Shoba was arrested in 1984 in the notorious Robben Island which has been turned into a museum today. He was a brilliant communicator, most of his peers vividly remembers how he convinced the stubborn racist authorities to deliver and distribute the popular Zimbabwean daily news title, The Herald, the information was now thrown in the palm of hands of freedom fighters.

it was in 1990 that Cde Shoba was released immediately after the negotiated Harare Declaration (October 1991). He then retook his position as the senior member of the party security as the armed struggle had been suspended after a compromise of the liberal talks. This senior security role was most definitely the fuel and the cause to his brutal assassination.

It was contained in the liberal Truth and reconciliation report that Cde Shoba trained members of the PAC in the use of military equipment. At the time the PAC organised and executed “The Great Storm” and “Thunderstorm” of the late 1990s, that is how the enemy agent (racist Apartheid government) identified the influence of Cde Shoba.

We all agree that the demise  of Cde Jan Shoba was as a result of his accelerated and elevated role into the late 1990s operation. He was brutally assassinated by the enemy agent in his yard in Pretoria, Attredgeville – his assassinators are still unknown today after more than 25 years.

It was only in May 2012 that what was known as the Duncan Street in Pretoria was named Jan Shoba. The PAC and the Shoba clan appreciate the good gesture by the government but the message is that more needs to be done to honour great martyrs like Cde Shoba. Their legacy should be piloted in schools, churches, crèches, trains station and elsewhere to ignite and instil confidence in the new generation.


Published on behalf of PAC by

Cde Narius Moloto


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